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this sunday night. i'm kate snow reporting from new york. for lester holt and all of us here at nbc news, thanks for watching. have a great fourth of july. -- captions by vitac -- good evening. i'm garvin thomas. we begin with developing news out of south san francisco. firefighters are mopping up after a car lot fire about a mile north of sfo. we're told the three-alarm fire in an overflow hertz rental car lot is out, but as many as 40 cars are either damaged or destroyed. the fire chief at the scene says winds had made it difficult to fight the fire which spread quickly because of dry grasses under many of the cars. it is not yet clear how the fire started, but there is a clue. >> at this point, we're guessing that it was fireworks, just from what people in the area have said that they heard and saw
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people in that area using fireworks. but we haven't confirmed it it at this point. it's under investigation. >> reporter: people inside a nearby motel 6 we$6 were evacua because of the smoke. they're being allowed back inside now. no one was hurt in the fire. if the fire were started by fireworks, it's just the thing police and firefighters are worried about happening tonight and tomorrow. that's because this holiday weekend is coinciding with some of the hottest weather of the year. nick o'kelly is here with how hot it got today and what's in store tomorrow. >> we've got another 48 hours of pretty decent heat. triple digits were off our highs of a couple of degrees. it's still warm, 99 in concord, nine 91 in san jose. spare the air continues today. we've got the heat advisory in effect until 9:00 p.m. you want to get sheltered if you can and drink fluids, just sty hydrated. washg at the coast, but that's about to change. they actually 98 have gotten
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lucky in south san francisco today. they mentioned the breeze, but the winds can really scream from pacifica across to redwood city, up and down the peninsula. but today winds have been are relatively light and coming in from the north and northwest. tomorrow that's going to change. tomorrow we're back to some natural air conditioning coming off the ocean. temps will be cooling a little bit into tomorrow. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. garvin. let's talk more about the heat and the impact it's having on holiday plans. a spare the air day meant a ban today on a certain type of outdoor activity. george kit yawn ma riyama is li milpitass with the warnings out tonight. obviously we're having a little problem with jogeorge's audio. we're talking about the ban on using lighter fluid in outdoor grills for charcoaling. that was a ban with the spare the air day as well as police
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and firefighters, as we said, being on the lookout tonight for any illegal firework activity for fear that with this hot, dry weather it could spark even more fires. a 50-year-old pilot is alive tonight after his crop dusting helicopter crashed into an east bay cornfield. the helicopter was flying just 20 to 30 feet off the ground when it went down off highway 4 this morning. the pilot was taken to the hospital for a precaution. the ntsb is investigating the cause of the accident. no one else was hurt. in richmond a 27-year-old woman was struck and killed by an amtrak train. emergency workers responded at 7:15 this morning but the woman was pronounced dead at the scene. no one on the train was injured. the incident caused delays to as many as eight trains traveling through richmond today. a shooting in san jose sent one person to the hospital. the shooting happened in the 3200 block of loma verdict are
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dedrive in san jose. a man was found shot several times and taken to the hospital in critical condition. police are investigating whether the shooting was gang related. the martinez police officers association is putting out a warning today about fake donation requests, supposedly on behalf of an officer who recently died. the association was alerted after learning about several fraudulent phone solicitations asking for money to help the family of brian carter, an 11 hoif year veteran are died following a definition non-hodgkin's lymphoma. the city is however holding a blood drive in the officer's name this friday at city hall. congress may finally reach an agreement on raising the federal debt ceiling after republican lawmakers showed they are open to the idea of eliminating tax breaks today. nbc's brianoore has the very latest from washington. >> the senate will come to order. >> reporter: congress has less than a month to raise uncle
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sam's credit limit. but lawmakers are locked in a battle over a long-term cure for our nation's financial fix. democrats want to raise money. republicans are demanding massive cuts. now a couple of key republican lawmakers are suggesting possible ways to compromise. >> jon kyl was in negotiations as you know with the vice president, and he said there were certain revenue raisers and other areas that perhaps we could work on. >> reporter: senator john mccain won't say exactly what "revenue raisers" are are, but he says he and some other republicans aren't necessarily opposed. it sounds a lot like what president obama and democrats have been asking for. but republicans insist that if revenue raisers is code for tax increases, that's a deal brea r breaker. senator john corn inyn says he'o fan of the debt ceiling extension but it may have to happen. >> the problem with a mini deal is we have a maxi problem. big problems aren't going to go away with a mini deal. >> reporter: he blasted an idea suggested by some democrats that
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the u.s. constitution empowers the president to keep on spending, even if uncle sam goes over his credit limits. brian moore, nbc. next at 6:00, it was a historic day where voters made a decision like they've never made before. we'll have local reaction straight ahead, plus -- it was like looking through wax paper. >> we'll show you the new photography exhibit featuring the works of some. summer is prime garage sale
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weather. we'll pass on tips on how to
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make sure yours is a success. >> voters in in thailand have elected the country's very first female prime minister.
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exit polls after today's election show the opposition party won a clear majority in parliament. she is the sister of a former thai prime minister who was ousted by a 2006 coup, who now lives in dubai. despite the historical decision, some members the thai community in the bay area are not sure if this new prime minister will bring positive change. >> i understand she's a proxy for her brother, and i also understand she'll be changing the law to allow her brother to come back to thai land and assume that position. in fact, this is what i have heard. >> in bangkok, cheers erupted. they are hoping for political stability after six years of unrest. still ahead at 6:00, the remarkable story of a group of photographers who approach their work from a unique perspective.
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and it's been a hot day across the area with readings in the triple digits. tomorrow, some changz. your committee forecast is just
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a new photo exhibit in colorado showcases photos taken from a unique perspective. each photograph is taken by somebody who used to be legally blind but who can now see thanks to cornual transplants. here is the look at the circle of light photo project exhibit. >> reporter: surrounded by the beauty of breck aren ridge,
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there was a time when chris richmond's eyes were so bad -- >> i had a degenerative eye disease. my vision was like looking through wax paper. >> reporter: seeing the landscape around him was impossible and taking pictures of it out of the question. but these days chris can see the world a lot more clearly, after two cornea transplants not only gave him his eyesight back -- >> my vision is able to be corrected now. >> reporter: -- but being able to show his vision to others through photographs. >> i enjoy taking pictures of nature. >> reporter: his latest piece moon over moab is on display in frisco along with others who were taken by those who were one time legally blind. it's called the circle of light photo project, a unique art exhibit featuring photographs by
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people from around the country who can now see because of cornual transplants thanks to an organ donor. >> not many people know about the tissues that can be transplanted, things like the cornea. >> thankful every day that i can wake up and see. >> reporter: for chris and his picture, it's not only meant a little extra exposure -- >> when you take a picture of the moon, it's something that's really universal, that everybody sees around the world. i just like the idea. >> reporter: -- but also the chance to see the scenery and his artistic side develop right before his eyes. >> that was nbc's matt rineault. nearly everyone can be a tissue donor and one donor can help as many as 50 people. now, who couldn't use a little extra space in exchange for a little extra cash? garage sales can be a great way to get some of each, but if you follow some tried and true tips from the experts. the first, make sure people know where to find you, craigslist,
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signs. but make sure you proofread for typos and clarity and don't forget your address. second, make sure what you're selling is clean and organize. >> took a duster and vacuum to everything first to make it pour appealing. gave everything a fresh launder and made sure the clothes are wrinkle-free. >> we've gotten rid of more than half our stuff already. >> another important factor is timing. those holding sales this weekend had to compete with fourth of july activities. variety is also a key attraction as well as being able to negotiate on prices. and last, but not least, safety. experts say don't let anyone inside your house, and keep your cashbox close at hand. of course, it's important to remember safety when it comes to fireworks and barbecues this weekend as well. we've reestablished communication with nbc bay area's george kiriyama, live in milpitas with a preview of the
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warnings this weekend. >> reporter: it's the second spare the air day. families will be out barbecuing this weekend so the bay area air quality management district is asking everyone to use gas grills. but, if you insist on using a charcoal grill, you're urged no tolt start it with lighter fluid, adding to the pollution. families here at murphy park say they are aware it's a spare the air day. >> you know, we don't want to continue to put stuff in the ozone layer. >> everyone is barbecuing so just maybe limit it to one wash cue pit instead of four. >> reporter: also this weekend, be aware of the dui checkpoints all over the bay area. the chp and area police will be cracking down on those drinking and driving between now and the end of the holiday weekend. live in milpitas, george kiriyama, nbc news. >> for those of you who got out to do anything, exercise, barbecue, you noticed it got very hot very quickly today.
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triple digits in some parts of the bay area. nick o'kelly is here to explain how hot it got and what's on top for tomorrow. >> i think the key is just to move really slowly. folks in that live shot taking it easy, stay in the shade, hydrated. watch those alcoholic beverages. you want to take care in conditions like this. there'ses a heat advisory until 9:00 p.m. usually the end of the day is when people have problems. beautiful shot of golden gate bridge, traffic moving better than last time we checked. high temperatures, it was hot especially inland, 100 in gilroy, 100 fairfield. if you didn't make the triple digits, concord, 93, san jose, 98. this is your second day of heat inland. but at the coast we warm p up nicely, 83 in santa cruz, 81 downtown san francisco and sfo 84 degrees. there are some changes on the
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way. they're not going to be dramatic but looking for some cooling. just starting to see a hint of the onshore wind flow coming back. current readings slow to fall, a very warm evening out there. not much of a westerly breeze yet, but by tomorrow slight marine layer forming, which will help cool us down. hardly any marine cloudiness at all. here are headlines for the fourth of july fireworks celebrations. of course there are some tonight some spots. clear skies, pretty good for san francisco tomorrow evening, a few low clouds. big ridge of high pressure, not going anywhere, all week long we're sticking with the warm temps, although a slow cooling trend on the way. there are those marine clouds. they form in the very early morning hours tomorrow and then they're gone quickly by midday. here is a look at overnight lows into the 50s, but low 60s, slow getting there. maybe some tougher sleeping weather for folks in the inland valleys as we're looking at readings in the 70s and 80s this evening. tomorrow, still hot, not quite
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as hot, though. 91 san jose, 96 dublin, 99 in livermore. as i said, subtle cool inland, coast, much different. no 80s for you tomorrow, stinson beach, low 70s. in through the delta, 99 concord, 97 san ramon, 92 novato, there will be a little are fog forming tomorrow night and moving through the gold be gate. tomorrow in san francisco, a touch of fog, not as thick as last year. sausalito fireworks look great, oakland, all great. still ahead at 6:00, for the second time during their visit to canada, the royal couple is met by protesters. we'll show you why. plus, it's already the fourth of july in some parts of
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the world. we'll show you how troops are celebrating. .
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it appears not everyone has a love affair with britain's royal couple. prince il william and kate faced protestors today as they continued their trip in canada. nbc's frances ko explains. >> reporter: the newly weds are on the fouj day of an 11-day trip to canada and the u.s. after an overnight trip on the st. lawrence river. >> i would like to say a special welcome to the duke and duchess of cambridge. >> reporter: they attended a prayer service on deck before meeting with residents of a center for homeless youth. about 150 protesters demonstrated about two blocks from where prince william spoke at a ceremony at city hall. [ speaking french ] >> translator: it is simply a pleasure to be here. thank you for your patience with my accent. i hope that we will have the chance to get to know each other
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over the years to come, until the next time. >> reporter: the protestors who also appeared in maunt real are likely from an anti-monarchist group. far larger groups of supporters gathered to catch a glimpse of the couple. they've arrived in charlottetown prince edward island tonight and crowds there are expected to receive the couple warmly. frances ko, nbc news. >> the royal couple plans on spending next weekend in southern california. let's check in with scott riese for a look at what's coming up in sports. scott? >> well, we've got a changing of the guard at the top of the men's tennis world. we'll tell you all four giants
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pitchers have in common. here's a hint, not beards. is. now the xfinity sports desk on nbc bay area news. >> hi, everybody. scott reiss back in the comcast sports net newsroom. the giants felt to be well represented on the all-star team given the strength of their pitching staff and the fact their manager is running the show. bruce bochy takes four of his own to phoenix, brian wilson named to the squad for the third time, tied for the major league lead with 24 saves. tim lincecum, he's been tremendous last couple of times. matt cain an all-star for the second time the he won't pitch because he goes next sunday. and ryan vogelsong one of the great stories in baseball, an emotional first-time selection. >> it's obviously a dream for everyone who plays this game to make the all-star team, and
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before in my career, i mean, that's never, ever, ever been an opportunity or even a thought. so even when you guys were asking me about it before, it was pretty gratifying, but to have it happen, you know, it's -- it's dreamlike, just like everything that's happening to me this season so far. >> whether i pitch or not, it's still a great honor to represent the giants if a game that does actually have meaning. very advantageous for us to have home field advantage come playoff time. vogelsong got the start this afternoon in detroit. giants trying to sweep the tigers, up 2-1 in the fifth. ross the p chopper and bad hop single. santiago can't make the play. saund ovalue scores. after a key tejada error, it
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sticks. inge, peralta. then little tiger insurance. inge triples off that scores two, 6-3, the tigers salvage game three of the series. diamondbacks/a's. gio gonzalez named to his first career all-star game. connor jackson going upstairs off ian kennedy. kennedy thought he was snubbed for the all-star team, so what did he do? gave up seven runs. 4-1 oakland. now 5-1 as sizemore takes kennedy out. his second of the year. make it 7-1 a's. then gonzalez in command, gets johnson to end the seventh. seven strikeouts, a's 7-2, kate longworth with the wrap from oakland. >> reporter: basking in the glow of his first all-star collection, gio gonzalez cruised to his eighth win on the season. for the southpaw a big team
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victory sunday as well as a personal milestone. >> it was a secret are goal of mine. i wasn't trying to announce it or anything else, but i'm pretty sure everyone goes out trying to make the all-star team, win the playoffs, trying to win a cy young if you're a pitcher. there are so many awards you want as an athlete, but my goal was just trying to pitch, trying to stay healthy, and at least give our team a chance to win every time i go out there and pitch. >> gio is gio, just a fun loving kid who likes to smell the roses and enjoys what he does and enjoys people. you know, i think his performance makes him a leader because every time he takes the mound we feel like we're going to win. >> reporter: gonzalez will be on three days rest at the midsummer's classic. melvin says he hopes to see his starter out there for an inning in arizona. at the coliseum, i'm kate longworth, nbc bay area. >> reporter: let's do the men's
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singles final at wimbledon. defending champ nadal taking on djokovic. he had never beaten nadal in a grand slam, ending today. djokovic, the forehand winner, first set 6-4, djokovic serving for the match, nadal's backhand long. djokovic wins his third grand slam title, he is 48-1 in 2011. garvin, the giants back home for seven before the all-star break beginning tomorrow against the pad padres. >> thank you very much, scott. let's end it with the american troops in kyrgyzstan celebrating the fourth of july, which it already is there. they celebrated with what's become a tradition for many americans, a cookout with hot dogs and burgers, music, gaimgs and fireworks. around 1200 service members are stationed at the base located at kyrgyzstan's main civilian airport, which is now a transit center for troops in afghanistan. >> she's got moves. >> looks like fun. thank you very much for
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choosing the bay area at 6:00. in wine country is up next. we'll see you back here at 11:00 tonight. until then, have a good night. >> good night. . we urge you to support bill that's would help save our natural treasures. jonathan adds, parks are our most essential commons and we all simply cannot allow them to be closed. period. by genie reminds us we decided on parks in december and decided we wanted money rather than our packs to remain open. elliot calls

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